We do everything!






Here's what ICU Window Cleaning
can do for you!



We do everything from 4 story old victorian homes, large modern mansions, to small ranches. We can handle any job thrown our way, as well as do just a few windows in your home that maybe you can't reach.


ICU can take care of your business windows too. You can get on a regular schedule and keep your windows looking shiny which makes your business' storefront appearance looking great! From car dealers to candy shops, We can do anything.


We have also done a number of industrial buildings. A lot of these buildings have high interior windows which are not a problem for ICU Window Cleaning.

New Construction-

We have the experience of removing paint, mortar, stickers, caulking, and anything else that gets on the windows during construction. We have the knowledge to clean different types of glass without scratching them too!


We have neat and clean employees that will respect your home's interior and valuables. We will take our time to make sure furniture is covered and carpets are kept clean, and we are quiet too!

Walkout basements-

Walkout basements can present some very high windows in the back of a house. We are not afraid of heights and we have a plethera of ladders!

Screen Cleaning-

ICU will remove your screens and scrub both sides with soap and water as well as wipe the frames of the screens to make them look good as new.

Storm windows-

Have some old storms that have not been cleaned in years? No problem! we have experience with every kind of storm window out there. This includes the unique Pella inserts with the blinds inside the glass.

French glass-

French glass can be tricky to get clean. We know how to clean them without streaks!



Some window companies won't even do skylights! We do, inside and out.



MirrorsWhether you have a wall of mirrors or just a bathroom mirror, we do them all.



ICU does a little dusting too! Ceiling fans, high shelving, or cobwebs along the ceiling, if we can reach it, we'll do it!



We also clean gutters so you don't have to worry about damage to your home. We will dispose of the debris and rinse the gutters clean with a hose.

Specialty glass-

ICU Window Cleaning does everything! We do china cabinets, light fixtures, car windows, clocks, you name it!